Helmet Speakers

If you are like us, you like the open road to be filled with beautiful vistas and the best sound your iPod, iPhone, or other device will deliver. I tried earbuds under my helmet, but on a long ride I´d end up snagging the cord on my jacket with just enough of a pull to dislodge one if not both of them. The only way I found to reinstall my earbud was to park the motorcycle and remove my helmet. That is when we started looking for an alternative and found them in the form of helmet speakers. They attach to the inside ear cavities of your helmet with Velcro. That solved our listening and riding pleasure. Now we offer them to you with the 505-BoomTork X2 and the ipn-101, all come with an inline volume control.

Did you know that at iPodNewsOnline we only charge $6.95 for shipping and handling for all orders? That means if you select 1 or MORE of anything in stock shipping will only be $6.95. So go ahead and fill your shopping cart and make an entertainment center inside your helmet. To make this sweeter, if you order another product within 30 days of the first order, we will refund the shipping on your second order! So why not grab 2 of the ipn-101’s at less than $20 per set and only $6.95 shipping for both, what a sweet deal.

Getting the best sound with your Helmet Speakers.

I had great a conversation with Michael B and I felt it is important to give you the best of the conversation.

While the speakers are out of the helmet and plugged in to your player, place the speakers over your ears with your hands. Adjust the volume to its loudest level, there should be no difference in the sound, whether it is in the helmet or held with your hands. If the music appears to be louder with your hands holding them versus when you had them installed in your helmet, then you need to play with positioning them in your helmet. Not everyone’s ear lands in the same spot in the helmet, meaning if you placed the speaker in the ear pocket of the helmet, that might not be the sweet spot for the speaker/ear transfer for you.

It’s not just for motorcycles.

I guess you could call them snowmobile helmet speaker or snowboard helmet speakers. Those are just a couple of winter activities that you can use this helmet speaker system for. Let’s not forget to name paintball helmet speakers. Pretty much if you need to wear a helmet, why not listen to your music in comfort with the Tork X2 or the ipn-101, either choice is a great buy.